Where's the Juice?


Our business is growing fast and this is leading us in new and exciting directions.

As a result, Plant Monsters is taking a hiatus from cold pressed juicing to focus on our newest venture, the launch of a zero alcohol distilled plant based crystal elixir cocktail.

It's all about the buzz without the booze, with all natural adaptogens, nooptropics and CBD to create a mood enhancing, mind dancing, spirit boosting experience that you can really feel and enjoy, without face-planting into a pizza or passing out at the end of the night.

Zero alcohol. 100% natural. Distilled in Portland Maine. The buzz without the booze.

Sign-up for an alert letting you know when preorder sales open up. We're cooking this stuff up in very small batches so orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis.

So get on the list and don't miss out on a totally new type of cocktail that will not only change how you drink, it will change culture because fewer people will call in drunk on Monday mornings.

Thanks for your support.