Our Story

Our Story

My 2 sisters and I joined forces in business after our mother had a stroke on Christmas day 2018. We needed a really big house for the 4 of us and our 4 cats, so we rented a 120 year old haunted mansion in Portland ME and quickly discovered, not only did we have ghosts, we had big ideas for all natural products that could change the world. That's how Plant Monsters zero alcohol distilled functional cocktails were born.

I'm Christina Keighley, an award winning creative marketing executive with training in plant-based nutrition from Cornell. My sister Susanne Helene has a background in behavioral psychology and herbology and Noreen Benjaminsen has a background that includes educational administration and environmentalism.

Our Brand

Plant Monsters want to be social, feel great AND drive ourselves home at the end of the night.

There’s always soda and seltzer, but we enjoy the mood enhancing effects and social enabling of a premium cocktail. So we created Plant Monsters zero alcohol distilled functional cocktails, the first functional beverage designed specifically for consumption as a premium cocktail in upscale bars and restaurants.

The liquid is made from a synergistic blend of adaptogens and nootropics known for their mood, energy and cognitive enhancing properties, without chemicals, synthetics, added sugar, caffeine or THC.

So drink all you want and mellow out, get chatty, snuggle up, be inspired and dream big dreams – Plant Monsters lets you do you without limits.

What Inspired Us?

Plant Monsters is inspired by the need for fun AND function in a zero alcoholic beverage and the lack of this combination in the marketplace.

One day, we were unpacking some moving boxes and came across mom's old books about herbs, alchemy and medicinal mushrooms. Our interest was piqued when we learned how to distill hydrosols using mood enhancing plants and botanicals.

So, we started a backyard garden, had a huge garage sale and bought our first copper alembic still from some crazy dudes in Portugal and things got cooking.

What Does It Taste Like?

Plant Monsters zero alcohol distilled functional cocktails have a clear, clean and crisp taste, like melted snow with a delicate infused botanical essence and a bite. We have three proprietary formulations, each one designed to produce a distinct drinking experience.

01. Sweet Gale: A social experience. Think- happy-hours, hugs and high-fives.

02. Schisandra: Get closer. Promotes intimacy, big ideas and deep thoughts.

03: Immortelle: Touch the sky. Experience the world beyond the bodily senses.

How Do You Drink It?

Plant Monsters zero alcohol distilled functional cocktails blend well with many ingredients and can be served simply chilled over ice or with seltzer and a garnish or as a high end bespoke craft cocktail with the addition of fruit, juice, syrups, sugar or bitters. It can be consumed any time of day or night, in a bar or restaurant and even at work as a healthy alternative to standard energy drinks.

Why is Plant Monsters Different?

Plant Monsters zero alcohol distilled functional cocktails are the first functional beverages (mood, energy and cognitive enhancing) specifically designed to be consumed as a premium cocktail in upscale bars and hotels.

While 53% of Americans are trying to cut back on alcohol and the 0% alcohol beverage segment is projected to reach $238 billion, consumers still want the social enablement and mood enhancement of a real drink in cocktail driven situations. Plant Monsters’ proprietary formulations stimulate distinct drinking experiences, enhancing mood and energy without alcohol.



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