Get Smart

Here in R&D we’re always learning things about the power of plant based nutrition. This topic is limitless. Speaking of limitless, if you’ve ever seen the movie or the Netflix series of the same name, you’ve probably heard about “smart drugs”, also known as Nootropics. In real life we have cognitive enhancers, both pharmaceutical, and those found in nature which might not give you mental superpowers like in the movies, but it’s worth writing a blog post about them. Here are a few qualities found in natural nootropics to give you an idea: 

  • Memory (short-term, long-term, working)
  • Focus, attention and concentration
  • Feelings of well being
  • Language
  • Mental imaging
  • Problem solving
  • Motivation and creativity

A species in the mushroom kingdom called Lion’s Mane, because, well that’s what it looks like, (including the “teeth”) is considered a natural nootropic. It helps in the regeneration of brain cells and improves the functioning of the hippocampus, a region of the brain responsible for processing memories and emotional responses. It’s also legal I should say. In fact, you can easily grow it at home. We just received a kit from a company in Maine called North Spore and can’t wait to see what happens. Maybe learn a new language and understand calculus, who knows?

Ashwaganda is another nootropic to check out. It’s a medicinal plant that has both cognitive and mood enhancing properties. It stimulates the growth of dendrites, the branches on neurons, which allows us to expand our brain capacity.

As we say, we’re not Doctors and can’t attest to the medicinal use of basically anything, we can’t diagnose or treat what ails ya, but we do enjoy learning and sharing information with our friends. It’s fun to get smart.