CBD Cocktails and Mocktails

We found a CBD-spiked Margarita recipe on goop.com that calls for green juice. Leave it to Goop to help us get our daily dose of greens in a cocktail! With our interest in both juice and the wellness enhancing properties of CBD, we thought it'd be cool to combine the two in a drink that looks and tastes like a fancy cocktail, but skip the alcohol. We started experimenting and think we have an alternative drink to enhance your nightlife. They're CBD mocktails!

If this is a first for you, CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is a natural substance extracted from Cannabis and Hemp plants. The CBD extract we use comes from Hemp. This form of CBD doesn't contain any THC, the chemical in Cannabis plants that gets you high. In Maine, CBD is legal, and is classified as a food. People often experience a relaxed feeling when consuming CBD in food or beverages - relaxed while remaining alert and focused. Since we're not Doctors, we can't confirm or endorse any medicinal applications of CBD. 

Our mocktails are made with organic cold pressed juice mixtures. They are offered on their own. You can have CBD added to your mocktail for a few $ more, elevating your after-hours experience.

If you're in the Portland area, you've got to try our CBD Mocktails. Check our Events page for Plant Monsters Pop-Up Markets.

If you want to check out the Goop post: "A Guide to CBD-Spiked Cocktails", here's the link: https://goop.com/recipes/up-in-smoke/